The BasicsAfter creating his own website, developing relationships with his contacts, and growing a downline, Charles Scoville found that the most common question asked from his downline was, “Where do I go to advertise?” Charles Scoville recognized the problem people were having finding quality traffic resources, and decided to create a service to help his team generate leads and referrals. Charles learned a lot from starting an online traffic business, so eventually he started another adding improvements. Now after several years, he’s learned what works and why.

Charles Scoville’s latest venture, Traffic Monsoon, has the best features with safeguards to keep the business healthy for years to come.

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Many flash in the pan sites come and go and the owner and operators remain anonymous. It becomes an eye-roller when veterans see they say their site is by a “trusted admin” when they won’t even say who it is. Tons of sites have bit the dust with members never knowing who’s running the show. When Charles Scoville had a job, it was in customer service, so he really wanted to have excellent support for anyone that purchased services on the sites he created. He would always put his name on the site and be there to help. That really sets him apart.

What’s Traffic Generation?To drive traffic to your sales page or mlm recruitment page, simply sign up for and either start with a free account or be a little more aggressive and purchase at least one Ad Pack or more and follow the instructions in the back office. With Traffic Monsoon, you can drive targeted traffic to your site without having to use Google or Facebook. No longer will you have to be a search engine expert or have a large following on a social media site like Facebook or Twitter to get prospects. Charles Scoville says he never was successful using social media to convert people to his product or service; however, as he became successful using traffic exchanges, people came to him on social media hungry to learn from him.

One of Charles’ contacts a couple of years ago was about to quit internet marketing all together, and came to Charles for advice. The basic suggestions were to develop a massive advertising routine, develop brand recognition with a catchy name, and only recommend good products, services, and opportunities. Then, through time, effort, and marketing – he would develop a reputation which would help him grow a real income online. After much discussion, this contact put into motion the things suggested. Now, a couple of years later, Charles’ contact has already earned over $100,000 his first year. When asked if even a beginner could make money with Traffic Monsoon, Charles said anyone can start earning for free. The more you work to refer new customers, the more you make. Like anything else, you can become very good at anything you focus on.

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A Closer LookWith Traffic Monsoon, not only can you generate leads to join your opportunity, you can also make money by promoting the service. If one wishes to really grow fast, then take your new income and buy even more advertising. In the beginning, set the goal to have the service offset the expenses of running ads, then later, throw gas on the fire by buying even more ads or enjoy the profit. Here’s some info central to the PTC industry and Traffic Monsoon…


Charles highly recommends first creating a sales page or what people call a squeeze page. You can do this on anywhere on the web. You should have these 4 elements on the page:

• A title that grabs attention stated as a benefit.

• A video explaining how the opportunity works and what you’ll gain by participating.

• Written content telling people why they’ll want to get involved.

• An autoresponder so you can create a prospect list and continue to market to them in the future.


For the title, video and written content, Charles says the more you can explain the opportunity or product in terms of the readers’ self-interest and what they’ll gain by taking action, the better. People only tune in to one radio station, W.I.F.M. (What’s In It for Me?). Ask yourself, what makes you respond to an advertisement?

Every time you see a good ad, learn from it.

If you’re really wanting to get good at writing sales copy, research it online and practice. People don’t want to hear as much about how great the product or service is as much as they want to know how it will benefit them, so don’t just list a bunch of features, instead talk about the features and how they will benefit by taking action.

Charles remembers a video a woman did demonstrating a toy. As soon as you saw the toy in action, you wanted one. So, in your video, you can you do a demo to put people in the driver’s seat and make them want to have what you are offering.

Sincere testimonials from customers can be powerful as well. They can be in the written word or video format. This uses the power of third person to provide credibility or social proof, you can’t promote yourself as well because everyone assumes you have a vested interest.

logoOne thing you want on your sales page is an autoresponder so you can build a list. If you capture their contact info, you can put your follow up on auto pilot so they get a series of persuasive emails spaced out over a period of time so they don’t feel like they are getting blitzed by a spammer.

Charles never wanted to spend all day on the phone trying to persuade prospects into buying, but with an autoresponder, he lets a series of emails do the follow up. He let’s the leaders “rise to the top” so he can focus personally on the people who really are interested.

One autoresponder service he recommends is “Traffic Wave” because it’s a small flat fee no matter how big your list gets. Most services, like Aweber charge more and more as your list grows. Traffic Wave even provides you with web space to create your sales page, so you won’t have to pay for a hosting service.

You can read tips on how to use Traffic Wave in their article: “How to Generate MLM Leads with Email Marketing AutoResponders” (

Put an invitation next to the autoresponder on your sales page and give them a compelling reason to put their contact information in the form. Offer them something they’ll perceive as valuable, but doesn’t cost you anything, like a report on the “Secrets of…”.

If you create value when broadcasting email messages to your list, they’ll likely get in your next opportunity as well, so you won’t have to start at zero ever again. Many opportunity seekers are open to getting in more than one online business, over time, broadcast an announcement about another opportunity.

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Hi, I’m Charles Scoville. I am the creator of Traffic Monsoon – a PTC (paid-to-click site). You may have seen and heard of me around the web, and rightfully so. I’ve been working with people just like you for quite some time now – together we’ve been fine-tuning the systems behind online traffic generation. Traffic Monsoon, takes traffic generation to the next level, with a unique revenue sharing program. To top it off, the customer care and service we offer our clients is second to none. My philosophy is, “It Really Is All About You”. Welcome to your future, welcome to my team. Charles Scoville

CEO, Traffic Monsoon