What Works?Like millions of people, Charles Scoville had a job, but wanted to solve a problem he faced in his life. The problem was having to miss work occasionally whenever his son caught an illness from another child at his daycare. Employers don’t like it when their employees have to miss work more than a couple of times in a year, but his son, Taylor, was catching colds or coughs more frequently than Charles’s employer liked. Working from home would be ideal, because he could be at home to take care of his son without putting his job in jeopardy.

Charles wasn’t dreaming of an internet business. He was looking for a job he could work from home. While scanning job boards like Yahoo jobs, Monster Jobs, and other sites, he came across a job posting on Craigslist for a home based job for an energy drink company just starting up. To be considered, he’d have to come in for a meeting at a local college.

It turned out this meeting wasn’t for a job, but was a pitch to join an MLM business opportunity. At first Charles was going to high tail it out of there, thinking he had been tricked, but he decided to stay because in his heart he had the desire to work from home, which was exactly what this MLM opportunity offered.

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Charles knew his family and friends would not be interested in starting a business, so he took his pursuit of growing his business to the internet. He simply didn’t know how to get started, and quickly found that making money in a home based business can be easier said than done. He started researching the net for solutions to driving traffic. He tried paid ads, but got zero sign-ups and he lost money. Google and Facebook would be too expensive on a shoestring budget, so Charles searched for alternatives. He found paid-to-click sites, traffic exchanges, safelists, and solo ad sites offered a solution. Using a company replicated website proved to generate no results. The same one that all members get when they signed up for the program, they don’t rank well on the search engines, so you’re not likely to get any traffic to get sales or sign-ups.

So Charles created his own website with a lead capture page. From this he began to get better results. He found that he had more success by promoting the marketing system by using the website and lead capture system that he had created. Charles also found that most his referrals wanted help with where and how to advertise. They needed help in how to grow their own down-lines.

Even though Charles was doing better now that he was using his own site he knew that there had to be a better way to get the traffic and leads that he and the people he was helping needed. Each of the marketing methods he had tried offered some benefits but none them had everything.
There had to be a better way.

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Hi, I’m Charles Scoville. I am the creator of Traffic Monsoon. You may have seen and heard of me around the web, and rightfully so. I’ve been working with people just like you for quite some time now – together we’ve been fine-tuning the systems behind online traffic generation. Traffic Monsoon, takes traffic generation to the next level, with a unique revenue sharing program. To top it off, the customer care and service we offer our clients is second to none. My philosophy is, “It Really Is All About You”. Welcome to your future, welcome to my team. Charles Scoville

CEO, Traffic Monsoon

I started to test TrafficMonsoon a few days ago. After 3 days of advertising it turned out that this is the most effective place I know. To be honest – I m devastated :) in a good way. Shock, shock, shock, and once again! Tens of active partners to another program got through Traffic Monsoon! Thank you Charles Scoville!

• Piotr Chajkowski

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I am absolutely delighted with Traffic Monsoon. I have very many people interested and signing up to my offers through the Traffic monsoon platform. The return on my adpacks has been consistently over 2% per day, enabling me to buy more adpacks and profit enormously. I have also been able to help my referrals, who are no doubt as pleased as I am.

• Dorothy Greenald

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Hi! I started using this website 2 days ago. A very good website It seems to be very easy for others. Charles Scoville gave me a chance to ask question from him about what steps I did not understand during Registration. I recommend this website to other friends to join this website and make money for free with few easy steps. Thanks Charles.

• Toqir Ahmed

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Very Interesting. I stopped joining new sites as sick of scams and scammers. But I love this site. I took the gamble invested my $50 and I am loving the results. Great for building my down line with my promoting. Very Impressed. I make sure to log in and surf daily. Will be interesting to see my results in six months time. So pleased to find Charles Scoville, an Admin I can trust. Like anything it takes time to build.

• Maree Wells