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QuestionYou’ve had some trouble with payment gateways – do you have any advice that might help your customers based on what you have learned from these  experiences?


AnswerYes, there’ve been a lot of hurdles. What’s surprising, is that many things you take for granted tend to come back to bite you if you’re not careful. Others should definitely take this to heart. When you’re in business, it’s important that you try to see what’s going on around you at all times – factor in many possible outcomes – many of which are likely to be entirely out of your control. While hindsight is 20/20 as they say – the lessons taught are invaluable for moving forward.

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QuestionYou’re becoming quite a celebrity online, how does that make you feel?


AnswerOh, I don’t know that celebrity is the appropriate word, but I have certainly been identified as unique in this industry. As I am “out there” on the web quite a bit, it does indeed cause people to talk about me. I pride myself in customer care, and corporate transparency, and there are few that do that. If this makes me a celebrity, that’s great – but I’d be more pleased to be called a “ptc guru”.

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QuestionWhy did you choose this business even with it’s bad publicity?


AnswerThis business sort of chose me. It was apparent that this business model was needed in the ptc industry. As I was needing to promote by products, I realized there was a demand for this – something that allowed me and others to gather tools they’d need in order to successfully promote their businesses’ products and/or services. It was a natural evolution that took place through trial and error, as well as expanding upon what was working within this industry.

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QuestionI understand you have great relationships with your customers. Can you give me an example of a great customer experience you had?


AnswerWell, that puts me on the spot, so naturally it is hard to think of any specific instance. It always pleases me though to here from people their success stories. I am on the computer constantly, and am always there for my clients, so naturally we get to do a lot of problem solving together. I love the feeling of being able to give people the answers they need and have them be super-satisfied that I did so.

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QuestionYou don’t seem to promise that people will get rich of your systems, why is that?


AnswerI don’t promise that people will get rich. Like any business, it’s about how hard one works to achieve their goals. What I’ve done with Traffic Monsoon is to take my cumulative efforts and wrap them up into a user-friendly package that gives people the tools they need to become successful, should they put forth this effort (and of course – should they be willing – as some people are simply seeking handouts). Anyone can be successful if they’re willing to work to achieve the desired outcome.

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QuestionCan give me some advice on what in this business I  should be cautious of? Anything in particular?


AnswerThere are a lot of business that are indeed scams. Typically, in these businesses, the owners will hide behind the term “admin”. You need to be careful an ensure that the business is legitimate, and the operator/owner is not simply a “ghost”. Of course, you can see this with Traffic Monsoon – it’s a business that doesn’t hide behind a curtain. If the business owners are more like the Wizard of Oz, then I’d personally take that as a red flag.

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